Everyone has an artistic side, a passion; A creative force beyond the standard 9 - 5 workday. Mine exists in two forms: Photography and Music.
While entirely different, they are both extensions from my soul that I would like to share with you.
Welcome to The Rain Project

While I truly admire film photgraphers, recent advancements in the digital age has brought nearly limitless possibilities in the world of photography. As a Nikon shooter, I enjoy and challenge myself with action shots, sports or portraits, but my true passion lies in nature itself. It's said that photography is the art of capturing light. The feeling of being in creation and its' elements, waiting for that perfect moment, utilizing nothing but natural light from the sun is where I get my biggest feeling of satisfaction. Inside, you will see landscape photos I've taken from my homeland, Maine, as well as places of travel. I do hope you enjoy. Please click below. There is something about music that has the ability to reach the innermost of man. Music is a language, and can evoke emotions as easily as a kind word to those you love, or a harsh word in a moment of weakness. I started playing guitar as a teenager, and dabbled with other instruments as well. I began writing my own songs early on and desired to share them. Inside, you will find my recordings, from the years spent in a band, as well as personal, alone in a studio. All songs are available by download for free.
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